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with Dialect Coach Erik Singer


Saturday October 29th 10am - 6pm EST. (New York City and Online.)


This intensive one-day workshop, for actors, voice and speech teachers, dialect coaches, will apply the innovative techniques of Knight Thompson Speechwork to the acquisition of  Arabic accents. Egyptian Arabic will be the focus, though we’ll include information Levantine (Syrian/Palestinian/Lebanese) Arabic and possibly Iraqi Arabic as well.
The physical focus of Knight Thompson Speechwork allows actors and other professional voice users to learn accents much faster than with older techniques. Speakers using this approach can speak skillfully in the target accent, without exaggeration or self-consciousness.


This workshop will be focused exclusively on gaining proficiency in the target accent, and will include time for individual instruction. Participants (in-person only) should be prepared with a short monologues or text appropriate for the accent. Extensive resources on the target accents—encompassing primary source audio files, an interactive breakdown and exercises—will be provided to all participants.


Participants do not need to have taken any prior Knight Thompson workshops, and no background in phonetics is necessary for participation.


The workshop will be held at the National Opera Center in Chelsea, Manhattan. The day will run from 10:00 to 6:00, with an hour break for lunch. The total cost for the workshop is $175. Spots are strictly limited—in-room participants will be capped at 15. Questions to

Saturday October 29th 10am - 6pm EST. (New York City and Online.)

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Global Voice Acting Academy presents: ACCENT ESSENTIALS WEBINAR

with Pamela Vanderway 


Saturday November 5th, 1:00 -3:00pm Pacific - Online


There are now more roles than ever for voice-over actors who can convincingly perform in regional and foreign accents for audiobook narration, commercials, and video games. At the same time, there is a shortage of actors with the accent chops that casting directors are hoping to find. Gain a competitive edge (and make a casting director’s day!) by learning about what casting entities really expect from actors in accent, what makes an accent performance work (or not!), how to choose the right accent for each project, and what the process of learning an accent really looks like in this essential accent workshop taught by Pamela Vanderway, president of Dialect Coaches Worldwide.

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