Dialect Fitting

Dialect fitting is a useful tool for working actors who know that they can benefit from adding accents to their resume, but want to make sure they are learning the ones that will be the most marketable for them.  In the simplest terms, dialect fitting is the process of selecting accents which will complement an actor's overall branding package, and are in line with current accent trends in film and television. 

A dialect fitting is typically done in two stages: First, the actor provides the dialect fitting specialist with their resume(s), headshots (present and past), website, and links to reviews where they are mentioned. Using these research materials and asking a set of key questions, the dialect fitting specialist will guide the actor toward the accents which have the potential to suit the widest variety of characters in an actor's wheelhouse.

A dialect fitting typically costs as much as a private accent lesson would, and can save the actor time and frustration. 

DialectCoaches.com can link you with a qualified coach highly experienced in dialect fitting. 

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