About Us

"I know the skill sets of so many dialect coaches, and over and over again I have been very aware how a particular coach could have made all the difference in a specific film project - if only the producers had known about that coach's existence, or how to use a dialect coach to their greatest advantage. I used to think, 'Someone should do something about that!' Then one morning I woke up and realized that 'someone' was me."

— Pamela Vanderway, Founder of DialectCoaches.com


You already know that finding the right dialect coach is no easy feat.


Why is it so hard?

There are several factors, but the main reason is that freelance dialect coaches are not part of any entertainment union, so it's challenging to tell which dialect coaches are skilled at their craft (and which ones just have really great web designers). Many of the industry's top coaches do not have an internet presence of any kind, and several don't even appear on IMDB.com due to their tendency of working under non-disclosure agreements.

Finding a qualified dialect coach can eat up valuable time.

Because there hasn't historically been a single reliable way to find a qualified dialect coach, talent and production have had to rely on word of mouth and in many cases blind luck - in their searches. This means that, quite frequently, people simply never find the optimal coach for their needs.

Every day, actors are asked to portray characters who speak in dialects that are completely different from their own - and they are often asked to do so with very little notice. This makes for a frustrating production process for everyone involved. Without adequate dialect preparation, actors can't let go and unleash their best performances, because so much concentration has to go into "just saying the words right". This loss in performance quality typically leads directors to call for additional takes as they try to get the performances where they need them to be, while line producers chew their nails thinking about the skyrocketing costs for additional coverage and post production (ADR).

Meanwhile, dialect coaches are spending too much time fighting for visibility in the vast chasm known as the Internet when they'd rather be doing what they do best: Teaching actors to learn dialects - and to incorporate those dialects into award-worthy performances.

DialectCoaches.com founder Pamela Vanderway saw that it would be helpful to have one single online location for finding qualified dialect coaches (and language translators) worldwide.

At DialectCoaches.com, Pamela Vanderway is connecting producers and actors with the ideal coaches for their project and career needs. Her method is straightforward and efficient. Every dialect coach in the DialectCoach.com network undergoes a comprehensive application and interview process before becoming eligible for referral so clients can be assured that they will be working with trained professionals. Every client who contacts us receives a personal phone call to thoroughly discuss their project needs and then is matched with the dialect coach or coaches that will best help them reach their dialect training goals.  This personal referral service is currently being offered at no charge and Pamela Vanderway aims to keep the service free for as long as possible.

"I know it seems unusual to do something like this without charging clients for it, but I really want to contribute something valuable to the industry and to the careers of my colleagues. I feel that by offering this service without charge, I can make the biggest impact."